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small logo 2004.08.16 - Pathbuddy v2.0 released

Pathbuddy v2.0 : Use Pathbuddy to quickly access freqeuntly used folders. Define shortcuts (links) to folders that can be used in the Windows File Explorer, Open and Save Dialogs or directly from the Desktop. Access the shortcuts with Hotkeys, a Mouse Menu or a Hotkey driven Dropdown Box.

small logo 2003.03.06 - New site!

New site and new tools online!

Pathbuddy : Use customizable hotkeys or a browseable list to select folders in Open and Save dialog boxes or in the Windows File Explorer. Pathbuddy enables quick access to frequently used folders.

Asciimilator : Asciimilator can convert bitmaps to html files that use ASCII characters to represent the bitmap's pixels.

Copwatch : Copwatch is a Windows client for the IPCop firewall. It displays an icon in the system tray and popups that show information about the connection status of an IPCop firewall.

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